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There are few things like travel, if you want to add colour to life. But it took humanity a bit more than the wheel invention. The XX century has broadened our travelling horizons to the whole Planet. However, for generations before, hitting the road was synonymous with migration and bleak hopes of returning. Only the rich, the merchants and a few professional explorers had the wherewithal to go and come back. Average folks satisfied their wanderlust with tales of foreign lands. You need not settle for tales. Create your own story with where we’ve been map. Travel, shoot pics, and keep the memories. is happy to offer you a scratch map with fabulous design to match your most exciting experiences.

Do you know what the scratch map is?

A scratch off world map is an interactive geographic map. It is initially fully covered with a layer of scratchable foil. Once you have been to a certain place, you can change its status to ’Visited’: scrape off the overlaying foil, the same way you would do on a lottery ticket or top-up card. Scratch with the coin we may send along and reveal details underneath. Then you can make marks on the map, stick photos to it, etc. Another cool thing to do with a scratch map is trace itineraries with a marker, easy to erase if you get it wrong. Anticipate the journey ahead. Then come back home, scratch off the destination, add your pins. Do you think you may one day achieve the ultimate challenge of covering the whole map? BTW, buy one for children, too. Let them track travels on their own. It will be educational and full of thrills.

You can travel anywhere!

Most scratch off maps that store carries are maps of the world. They come in a whole range of colour solutions. The thing they all have in common is the superb design: our maps will look awesome on any wall in any interior. We also have regional maps to offer, and an assortment of maps crafted specifically for kids’.

If you are going to the Old Continent, we have a delightful item to map your travels. Order it in standard complementary tube, or framed in aluminum and packed in a matching designer bag. As a bonus, we send along an interesting quiz. Buy the Travel Map Silver Europe for anyone from USA planning to cross the Atlantic. We promise he or she won’t be disappointed!

Apart from travel maps, sells scratch off bucket lists. A poster of this type is presented to inspire people to lead a more meaningful life.

Did you know, that a scratch map is an ideal gift for any occasion?

A travel scratch map will make any globe-trotter happy. If you want something for friends who like to explore the world, we have the best goods you will find on the Internet. And why not pick one for the dearest people? Need a cool gift for Mom and Dad? Browse items in our store: help your parents create a personalized travel map. A colourful scratchable map is also an amusing way to teach children geography. Some of our items may be interesting even for preschool kids: take this Travel Map Kids Sights, for instance. We will supply you with a set of information cards about species found in different corners of the world, or with cards telling about creation of the world’s most important monuments and landmarks. Just inform us which set of cards we should send along. Read the info to the kid and then help the little one to locate the place.  

We have an idea of how to make you happy with your new map!

You will be impressed with’s approach to service. We send our maps and posters rolled up and packed in tubes crafted in the same style, with lower convertible parts that can be turned into complementary memory boxes once you take out the map. Hang it on the wall and store small trifles from your trips in the box. To each order placed at we add something extra as a bonus: markers, quizzes, coins, invisible tacks… To prevent marks your nails may leave on the designer plastic or paper, we recommend coins to scrape with.