Before You Travel, Do Research

  • Learn as much as you can about your destination.
  • Type of weather the area has so you can plan accordingly.
    Some research about the costs of local items so you can set your budget.
  • Check the dates of local major holidays or festivals, since services may be limited on those dates.
    Dont forget to budget for taxes and tipping. Many governments charge high taxes for travel related services.
  • If you plan on driving, get your car ready and investigate the local road conditions, laws and other driving requirements.
    Do not exchange much currency before you enter your destination country. Exchange rates in hotels are typically not very good.
  • Check your destination countrys holidays. Usually public transportation, gas stations, and grocery stores are not open on holidays.
    When you visit non-English speaking countries, keep a list in your wallet of common phrases, such as Hi, Bye, Thank you, do you speak English etc, as people seem to be a lot friendlier to you when you attempt to speak their language.
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