Gifts For HER

In the society of consumption, we are virtually “attacked” with various gifts ideas for women wherever we go. So selecting a present for Her seems easy enough, at first thought. But it is not. Girls have a keen eye for detail. And each girl has her own preferences.  Still worse, in the women’s universe a matter of taste is a matter of principle. To cut a long story short, an ideal present for a girl should be no less than perfect. Man may stay totally happy with what is good enough. The woman picks and chooses. She pays attention to every small thing: the material and how it feels, the color, the style, the label, if the object matches the curtains in her bedroom…  Do not go by standard gift ideas for women.

Some special dates to give a present

Living in a material world, you are expected to put up cool gifts for women on numerous occasions: birthday presents, Mother’s birthday presents, Christmas gifts, something added to the romantic valentines on February 14th, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving favors… Let us help you with ideas for every event. We take pride in the fabulous and unique items our store carries: we promise here are some of the best gifts for women you will find.

Christmas and New Year mark the new beginnings, when people make wishes and pledges to fulfill them. This swag 100 To-do-things poster with reflective scratch surface can be a real find to give to a girlfriend. Help her to consolidate future goals.

If you need a Christmas present for mother, go through our assortment of travel maps. Moms will appreciate the smart approach to design. scratch-off maps come in a variety of elegant color solutions that are neutral enough for any interior.


You still don’t know what does she want?

Do you have someone’s birthday just around the corner? How about this splendid star map of the sky? Prepare ahead. To find good gifts for her, start looking well in advance of the event. And do not postpone shopping: in the last minute rush, it is so easy to get it wrong, miss something essential, etc. Resort to clandestine intelligence as your tool. Use this trick of a man whose wife has a profile on Pinterest. The platform is all times’ favorite with women, providing volumes of info about the soft sex’ tastes and preferences. Just do it surreptitiously: create a secret profile and follow her pins. About presents for your mother, it is always safe to get in touch with her friends for information. Just ask them to keep mum in the meanwhile. With the help of these and similar hacks, you will come up with top gifts for women.

What would SHE like?

The best gifts are those that communicate genuine emotions and remind the person how important she is for us, and how much we cherish her. Have a look at our thrilling 100 Things-to-do poster “#100BucketList LIFE edition”. It can make an inspiring present for any teenage girl. It is a cheerful collection of dreams that will look gracefully on any wall. Order it for wife, girlfriend, or sister. Seeking something for a sea and beach lover? We can recommend one of the specialized maps Travel Map Holiday Lagoon World. There is a check-list of the best world beaches, which are marked with seashells on the map.

         Get an idea of a gift from a design gifts store!

All items you order from are made from excellent materials and look great in any place. We send posters and maps rolled up and packed in complementary tubes. The tubes themselves are convertible to memory boxes afterwards. Our store adds something extra as a bonus to each purchase: erasable markers with felted cloths, invisible tacks to hang the poster on the wall, quizzes, puzzles… Allow us to surprise you.