Gifts For HIM

Compared to girls, men are less spoiled and pampered if we speak of accepting presents. More often than not, men are expected to supply the presents for their best halves, sisters, mothers, daughters. But on a number of gift-giving occasions, it is the girls’ turn to come up with something for their male partners, family members or just friends. Luckily for the soft sex, boys are not equally capricious. Yet, the modern man is aware of style, and can appreciate a design. Minimal and cool – that’s how mens gifts should look like.

When HE expects a gift

Do you want to find a present for your partner’s birthday, or for the Father’s Day? Or, maybe, for Christmas when every person anticipates a little something wrapped in holiday paper? Do not postpone it. Let it be something useful or interesting, based on hobby. Browse stock for insights about gift ideas for him. Each of the items for men that we carry will make a fab present for a boyfriend or husband, dad or brother.

Here you may find unusual gifts for men, with exciting challenges added into the bargain. Birthday is probably the most important event. Birthday gifts for the dearest should be really special. But with a little help from us, you will pull it off: do not miss a chance to order an original present from store. Christmas is another holiday when any of our inspirational posters and bucket lists will be suitable. Perhaps, it is valentine or someone’s deployment you have in mind? We promise you the best gifts for men on the Internet.


What he is in?

Impress the man with a real statement gift from you: choose this fabulous star map of the sky, full of cosmic thrill. The detailed Milky Way shining in the dark can send anyone over the Moon. You may choose it for your father, or brother, or for your teenage son. Who of boys doesn’t like astronomy? There you may also get a few gift ideas for the next coming occasion.

Different men – different gifts

Perhaps, you will pick one of our 100 Things-to-do Posters. Does the person in question like to explore the world? Bingo! In you will find the coolest travelling gifts for men. Browse the whole range of scratchable maps for every taste. With these maps you do not pay for objects: you buy experiences, which are much more valuable. The maps come in a variety of elegant designs. Think of which could be the best, in your case?

  • How about this Travel Map Holiday in navy blue? It is supplied with interesting suggestions and travel tips.
  • It may be the swag Travel map LETTERS World: the more it is scratched, the brighter it becomes.
  • For someone planning trips on the Old Continent, our Travel Map Silver Europe can be just the thing.
  • Or wow him with the incredible Travel Map AIR World, crafted from elastic transparent plastic.


He would totally love our ideas!

To all orders placed at we add something extra as a pleasant bonus: erasable markers and felted cloths; luggage tags; scratchers to scratch with; invisible tacks to stick up posters; quizzes, puzzles and complete step-by-step instructions. Let it be a surprise for whoever the present is intended.

All our goods are packed in designer tubes crafted in complementary style. Once you take out the poster or map, you can convert the tube’s lower to a memory box.