Scratch-off Map

What is a Scratch-off Map?

Even though we are living in an age where information spreads at an unbelievably fast pace, there are still plenty of people out there wondering what is a scratch-off map. Sometimes things aren’t as complicated as they seem. A scratch-off map is exactly what the name suggests – a type of interactive map, designed to help people keep track and plan their trips around the world. The concept is pretty easy. On top of a colorful and detailed geographical map, there is a special removable foil layer that you have to separate once you visit a certain place on the scratch out map. This can be achieved with the help of a scratcher, similarly how people remove such layers on a lottery ticket.

If compared to an ordinary map that can sometimes be encountered in one’s household, the scratch away map outshines its outdated predecessor in all possible ways.

First of all, modern scratch off maps always come with a bright and creative design that begs you to put it on your wall and freshen the interior. Such scratch-off map poster will most definitely catch an eye of your visitors and become a perfect conversation starter as all of us love chatting about traveling.

Secondly, scratchable maps have one very important trait that ordinary maps don’t have. They are all interactive, which not only brings a fun new activity to the life of adults, but also creates a new source of entertainment for kids. A lot of happy scratch wall map owners state that as soon as they come back from vacation, their kids rush to the map to remove the layer of the country they just visited to make them one step closer to clearing the whole thing.

Finally, scratch-off maps even managed to outperform classic wall maps in the one thing they were created for – education. As it was proven a long time ago, children are known to learn the best if the learning process is presented in a form of a game. Some schools even use scratch-off maps in early geography classes, which may just put such maps in the category of must-have items in your household.

 Did you know that a scratch-off map is an ideal gift for any occasion?

Sometimes picking a gift for a close person can turn into a long and stressful task. It is especially difficult to come up with something unique and original, but still manage to keep it at a reasonable price. If you are one of these people, bringing your attention to a scratchable world map may be the solution you are looking for. This is a perfect present for all people despite of age. While it is a source of fun and entertainment for kids, a scratch-off map is a great tool to keep track of international journeys for adults and a unique way to reflect on all life adventures around the world for elder people.
A scratch off travel map is also a great gift for competitive friends that like to travel a lot. You can compare your progress with them to see who can mark the most countries in the fastest time. If you don’t want to hear claims such as “my scratch map beats yours” from your friends it also may prompt you to travel more, and that is a wonderful side-effect to have.

Scratch off where you`ve been on your map

A scratch-off map is known to be a very effective instrument to track and monitor your travels. Using a map for just a short period of time can easily turn into a smart and productive habit. It takes a few minutes to scratch off the removable top layer and reveal a new country on your map, but it gives you some valuable insight on your current traveling progress. Having the ability to easily visualize the places you’ve been to on a geographical map allows you to re-live some amazing memories and moments that happened in these places. It also helps you to understand where else do you want to go and experience other great moments. There are plenty amazing places on Earth, but it is almost impossible to visit them all due to the lack of time and resources. If you decide to buy a scratch-off map, it will most likely help you to better manage your time and perfectly plan out your future trips.

How to plan a trip with scratch-off wall map

Planning trips with a scratch-off wall map is something advanced travelers do all the time. If your trip consists of numerous countries or places to visit, it is sometimes difficult to picture your path in your head and visualize what is up to come. A scratch-off map can help you with exactly these types of issues. To make planning easier, you can use a pencil or erasable market to connect your destinations and visualize them in front of you. A good idea is also to use pins with important notes about hotels, tourist attractions and other places you want to visit. Once you come back from your journeys, you can compare your actual experience with what you were planning in the beginning and make some important conclusions that will help with future travels.

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