Scratch-off Travel Map® and posters

Scratch off Travel Map

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Scratch-off maps of the World, Europe and USA Travel Map®, motivational posters and desire posters – we created all of it! Order now with free shipping on all orders! – more than you expect.



TRAVEL MAP® USA ART is a watercolor scratch-off map of the USA with a golden scratch-off layer. On the map you will find all 50 states, big cities and must-see attractions.

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TRAVEL MAP®  AIR WORLD is a designer diary of your journeys all around the world. This inspiring transparent scratch-off font map will be a wonderful gift for a person who needs travels like the air.

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TRAVEL MAP® LETTERS World is a colorful scratch-off font map with a history of your travels, on which each country is represented by letters.The map will become an original and bright decor.

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TRAVEL MAP® GEOGRAPHY WORLD is the most detailed scratch and pin map of the world.
The map contains many islands, small countries, cities and places of interest.

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Travel Map® of the USA Black is a stylish scratch-off map and a gripping guide to all the 50 states of America.It is a beautiful and inspiring adornment for the home.

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Our travel products


Travel Map® Black World is big wall world map with special scratch-off coating. You can easily mark countries as you visit them: just use a scratcher to remove gold scratch-off coating and reveal the countries you have been to.

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Travel Map Silver World is an original plastic map of the world and your personal travel diary.
Erase the silver scratch-off layer from the countries you’ve been to and the map will show its bright colors.

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Travel Map® Black Europe is a motivational scratch-off map of Europe designed in a black color with a golden scratch-off layer. On the detailed map you will find cities and towns, rivers and lakes.

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New arrival

The whole astronomical Universe is in your Star map of the sky.
This luminous map from invites you to start an unforgettable journey across the starry dome of the sky.
Star map of the sky not only has a power to surprise; it can bring a real admiration.
Now your off-beat present is ready!

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New Scratch-off Travel Map® of the World


Travel Map® Holiday World is a unique world map with a special silver scratch coat that will make your vacation more colorful! Map design was made in an unusual marine style.

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Travel Map® Marine World is wall world map with special scratch-off coating. It is an ideal present for anyone who loves in-shore strolls and sea adventures.

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Travel Map® Black Europe is a motivational scratch-off map of Europe designed in a black color with a golden scratch-off layer. On the detailed map you will find cities and towns, rivers and lakes.

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Bucket list edition


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Map for Kids

Travel Map KIDS is a map of the world for children, which helps you learn about the world while playing:-)
Choose the appropriate set of cards with animals or sights, along with your child place the cards in the correct countries and explore the world with pleasure.

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How it works


Hang on a wall

Hang Travel Map to a wall with the help of buttons or stickers


Mark visited countries

Erase the protective layer of the visited country – and your map will become multicolored


Plan new trips

Visualize new travel routes, with the help of an erasable marker. It’s quick, easy and safe to use.

Create your own travel story


Brand new


Amazing story of your travels

Great quality & service has been on the market since 2012. During this time we’ve released more than 15 design products on plastic and laminated paper that are durable, long-lasting and have aesthetic appeal.

Set of useful items

With the interactive poster, you get:
– Mediator to erase the scratch layer;
– Buttons for hanging;
– A marker for drawing;
– Felt cloth to remove excess scratch material;
– Tube that easily replaces gift wrap;
– Instructions.

A great gift for everyone – isn’t about a separate sphere of life, but about everything that gives inspiration:unique maps for travellers with a special scratch layer and motivational posters for those who want to spend every day to the fullest and productively

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