How to decorate with posters

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Some Useful Tips on How to Make Your Posterwall Like a Pro

Loft, high-tech, minimal, Scandinavian, Boho, eco-friendly, XX century classic… No matter which of the contemporary interior trends is your preference, adding a personalized touch to your room can make it look more like home sweet home. A super-simple and affordable way that never really goes out of style is by putting up posters on the walls.

In spite of being perhaps the cheapest of options, with the right approach a posterwall creates a modern chic feel to any space. It is a totally cool idea for living-rooms, studios, bedrooms and children rooms. You may hang posters in the kitchen as well, provided they are manufactured from suitable materials. Do you have magnets on the fridge door? How about My Scratch Calendar 2018 from our online store? Try something new with the flexible designer plastic – it can be fun. Even a bathroom often benefits greatly from a few colorful printed pictures on its door. Have a little nondescript space you would like to decorate. Revamp it with framed movie posters. A posterwall acts as a visual distraction tricking our brains into believing that we are in a larger room than the small cooped up one it really is. Just go to Pinterest for proof – and you will need no more arguments from us. Run a search for poster decoration ideas, and it turns up numerous inspiring photos.

How to decorate with posters

  1. Browsing snapshots of interiors on the Internet, pay attention to different poster layout ideas: which of them appeal to you more? Study the layouts closer to see if you can incorporate some of their features at home.
  2. Designers would advise you to choose the theme for a poster wall. But it may be hard to settle for one. Pick out a color palette that creates harmony with the environment – that could be enough.

Note: If you look at merchandise on our website, you will realize that all our goods come in color solutions that make them easily to match. We do it on purpose. If a customer decides to order more than one item from, he or she won’t have problems hanging them alongside each other.

     3. For a more dramatic effect, designers often use totally different-sized posters on one wall – huge framed pictures next to tiny sticker types – and hang posters at different levels to add dynamics to the layout.

      4. To achieve a structured appearance, many people frame pictures they are going to mount. The answer to the question on how to frame a poster depends on which frame you select. But usually it is easy to see how to remove the back and insert the picture into the frame. Most of our scratch-off maps are available with stylish frames and arrive in a complimentary designer bag: you should have no problem hanging them.

We often imagine a posterwall as part of contemporary casual or minimal ‘no frills’ interiors. However, that does not say you should avoid hanging posters, or any of our elegant scratch-off world maps, on a wall of a classic living room.

Perhaps, you want to create your own framed movie posters using popular TV series as inspiration. Computer tools you can use to design them are PowerPoint, Corel Draw, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and many more.

We at store love and sell motivational posters of the 100 things-to-do bucket list type crafted by experience-loving people who appreciate a challenge. Our posters make fabulous gifts for him, for her, for children and for couples. Buying one of the 100 items bucket lists or a scratchable map to plan and track your travels, you buy adventure and a lot of fun. The poster looks good on the wall and is easy to scratch off.

How to hang posters

  1. Most posters from a shop arrive in a rolled up state. Spread the poster on a flat surface, print side up and weigh it down with books. Wait for paper to straighten. Do not cut corners hoping to fix it with the adhesive lest the poster look uneven or curl off from the wall.
  2. We send some of our goods with a set of invisible tacks. But you can use other ways to hang posters. Double-sided tape is a very simple method. The adhesive is easy to rub off leaving no marks. Put the poster face down and stick pieces of tape to the back at corners and midway between the corners, if needed.
  3. Take a pencil and mark the points where you want to position the poster’s top corners. Make sure the line between the points on the wall runs parallel to the floor.
  4. Peel off the tape’s paper layer to expose the adhesive and stick the poster, starting carefully from the top and working your way down the sides. Hold the paper taut.
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