9 Simple Ways to Make Your Small Apartment Look Bigger


At Last, the Secret to Making Your Small Apartment Look More Spacious Is Revealed

Do you happen to live in a small space? A lot of urban dwellers have to. Some experts think that micro-houses and tiny apartments may be the future of modern cities. Anyway, the small living space has many advantages. Residing in one, you can learn to balance the indoor and outdoor experiences. And it teaches people to stop cluttering their homes. Another good thing about small-sized apartments is that they allow people to save on the heating costs. So if you thought about moving, perhaps it is time to re-consider and think instead of how to create the feel of spaciousness across the rooms. Turn your apartment into warm and cozy recluse. There many decorating ideas for small spaces that can help you with that.

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  Light interior

This is one of the basic small room décor tricks: go for light pastel colors on the walls and pick out interior accessories in the same palette or close to. Paint bigger furniture (a cabinet or chest of drawers) a matching shade to make it blend with the surrounding.

The right curtains

Hang curtains the same colors as your living room walls. They will make it appear roomier than it really is. Do not go for heavy fabrics, like brocade or velvet. Pick out something lighter: chintz is good. A suitable alternative to curtains is the Venetian blinds that you can use for the bedroom or kitchen.

Space-saving furniture

In search of ways of how to make a room look bigger, multi-functional furniture is a blessing: wall beds, hidden beds, sofa beds and various bed-desk combos can save us a lot of space. Another option that helps to avoid the crowded feeling is the traditionally-styled furniture with legs. Look to pieces, sofa included, which ‘float’ over the floor. Free-standing furniture can also be moved if you decide to re-arrange – very hard if your room is fitted wall-to-wall.

Working place

In small-sized apartments you are not left with plenty of room to fit a desk. Opt for a wall mounted solution that can be folded back once you have finished working. Paint it the same color as the wall. You can also create a make-shift desk convertible from flip down cabinet door: use props to ensure there is no too much pull on the brackets. Or buy brackets from hardware store and mount desk-shelves combos to walls.


Window sills

If you still look for more ways to of how to make a small room look bigger, check out the window sills. Do you use them to display flower pots or other decorative objects? Put them somewhere else. Try to keep window sills clear. The more natural light penetrates small rooms, the larger they seem.

Reflective surfaces

Use mirrors facing the windows: they create an illusion of spaciousness. If you cannot forgo fitted cabinets, make them with glazed doors. Buy a lucite coffee table instead of one with a wooden surface, unless you mean to use it as a focal point in your interior.

Shelving systems

If you do not know how to arrange a small bedroom so that you can put all the stuff you need there, various shelving systems are a way to go. You can combine open shelves and shelves with doors. Another good solution is to run shelves around beneath the ceiling or arrange storage space over doors and entrances.

Keep it tidy

Do not scatter stuff around. Think of smart storing systems that blend with the interior. Dispense with too many pillows and other décor accessories to avoid the feeling of messiness in your rooms.

How to decorate a small living room

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Do not use heavy patterns to decorate a little living room. Keep it light. Never buy wallpaper with fancy motives. Gaudy small rooms look crass and overladen with details. If you want to embellish the walls, paint them solid color and use light stucco trimmings in the same color. They look much better and hip than stencils.

A simple and cost-effective way to decorate your living room, or any other, is by creating a posterwall. It can hardly go out of style because anyone can easily make unique pictures with modern computer tools using fashionable themes and designs. Look for inspirational posters and scratch-off maps in our online store at 1dea.me. They are easy to hang and remove without leaving marks; and they come with a lot of fun attached.

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Try to dispense with the traditional arrangement, when furniture is placed along the walls. Look into the possibility of creating the interior’s focal point in the middle with a plush sofa, a lamp and a coffee-table. Put smaller furniture here and there: a quaint chest of drawers, a mounted shelf, a low cabinet on legs.

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