Who Is Funnier, or April Fools’ Prank Ideas


When is April Fools?

Now and then, people will play practical jokes on one another. But there is one day in particular when the pranking breaks loose like crazy. Then each of us wants to be vigilant, watching carefully for that impish sparkle in others’ eyes which obviously manifests the human penchant for mischief. We speak about the first of April, when you should remain wide-awake if you dislike being hoodwinked and laughed at. You know that certain folks will never miss the fully legitimate opportunity to do so especially if you give them a chance.

“Hate April Fool jokes? Look at the sunny – or funny – side of things. And maybe you, too, can have a few laughs in the universal battle of pranks at the end of the day.”

The holiday of pranksters is a long-standing tradition which originated… In fact, no one can tell you exactly when and how it originated. There are numerous versions, including humorous ones. But we can tell you for sure why we began to celebrate April Fools’ Day: because there are so many people out there who just love to pull somebody’s leg and get away with it. As a matter of fact, you may well know such people yourself. Some of them may be your friends – or enemies. You may very well be one of them, or you may loathe the festival of foolery. However, there is no escaping April Fools’ Day – unless you travel to an uninhabited island in the ocean without cellular network, where no human soul can reach you to pull off some silly hoax over the phone.


Best jokes of all time

Disregarding a few disgruntled targets, April Fools’ Day is a hilariously cheerful holiday when everyone is trying to demonstrate their smarts, wits and sense of humor. Why not join the celebration? And some of the glee may rub off on you. Fooled by somebody? Why not trick the person in return? Here are some funny April Fools pranks’ suggestions you can use to get ready.

 Broken monitor

To trick your friends or co-workers with this one, it is high time to prepare since April Fools’ Day is almost upon us. Find and download a true-to-life cracked screen image. On the first of April, the moment your mark leaves his or her desk for a while, discreetly set the image as a screensaver on their desktop computer or laptop. When the person returns, he or she is sure to get a startle.

Sprouting keyboard

This is a hilarious joke, and it is worth the effort. If you have not heard of it before, it may be high time you did. To pull it off, one must prepare a week in advance. Get a junked keyboard, some potting soil and seeds of garden plants with short sprouting times. Spread the soil between the keys – you may want to use a fork or a similar object to tuck it in. Moisten the soil with water and saw or copiously set the seeds. Hide the keyboard from others’ view for the time being. On April 1 discreetly substitute someone’s working keyboard for this one.

Wanted by the police

Get a portrait photo of your target and create a wanted poster in Photoshop. Print it out and put up in a well visible place on April Fools’ Day for everyone to have their laughs. Create posters with mugshots of several people to make it all less offensive for an individual person – just try not to blow your cover lest all those ‘crooks’ virtually gang up on you in retaliation.

Ringtone trick

Your ringtone is probably well-known to your friends. Why not change it on April Fools’ Day for someone else’s ringtone? Then put your mobile near them and discreetly place a call to yourself from another phone. The person in question will think it is their phone ringing. Imagine their surprise as they realize the phone is ringing from an unexpected place. They will rush to pick up. The victim of the jest may actually answer the call sooner than it dawns upon him or her – then it is your cue: greet them from the other end with the classic ‘April Fool!’

A fast one on your partner

Inform your husband or wife that your parents are coming over to stay for an indefinite time. Or that you have found a litter of seven stay kittens you are going to adopt. If you are a woman, you may tell your boyfriend that you are pregnant. Those, who are in a particularly mischievous state of mind, may also tell their partners they have cheated on them.

The point of April Fool puns

Actually, the original concept of an April fool joke is to convince the intended fool to do something, run an errand, or believe a piece of information or rumor, and inform the person afterwards he or she has been duped. In other words, the whole point of April fool jokes is to allow people the freedom of choice: to take something at its face value or not. It began in the XVI century France, after the old Julian calendar they used was substituted for the Georgian. The New Year holiday was then moved from spring to winter. Some folks refused to follow suit and continued to mark the old-style New Year around the time of April 1. To teach those backward bumpkins a lesson or two, forward-looking people started to make fools of them sending false invitations as time approached the first of April. The recipient showed up in good faith for a non-existent New Year party – and felt like a dupe.


Today, most jesters disregard this point, and often present their targets with something which screams false from the get-go. Just look at the popular April fool ideas for school. Classroom pranks can be quite disgusting, weird, and lack style altogether. It is a pity those people, who work for the mass media, often spread stupid April Fool puns marketing them as funny April Fools pranks. Here’s our little list of silly jokes coming up when you surf the World Wide Web:

  • Substituting toilet paper with a roll of scotch – or any toilet joke, for that matter.
  • Serving fake foods like doughnuts or cookies with toothpaste cream, freezing someone’s cereals and so on and so forth – this is trite, witless and totally not cool!
  • Sticking silly notes to someone’s back, or car; wrapping things with foils or cellophane.
  • Tricking teachers at school – those people have work to do, for Christ’s sake!

Really, people! If you want to be genuinely funny, you should try a bit harder than that. Happy April Fools to all!

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