#100BucketList LIFE edition

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Add some challenge to your day-to-day life with the scratch-off poster #100Bucketlist Life edition. This poster includes 100 challenges that are hidden behind a silver scratch-off layer. Challenges are divided into three categories of complexity. Would you dare to scuba dive or radically change your hairstyle? Then this poster is for you! Complete the challenges from simple to complex, erase the scratch-off layer, and reveal the bright background of the poster. Fill your life with extreme emotions and memories.
The tube itself can be turned into a custom piggy bank, with different sticker options of dreams to save up for. #100Bucketlist Life edition is an original decor and a stylish gift. Inspire with #100Bucketlist Life edition!

Material: laminated paper
Poster size 15,7х23,6 in
Tube size 17.7×2.7 in

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