#100BucketList Wonders


If you want to see 100 most beautiful places all over the world — this poster is for you! 

Everybody’s heard about the 7 Wonders of the World. But few are familiar with other amazing sights. That is why our team has created a unique list of 100 Wonders of the World that you should see. Erase the scratch-off layer from the places you’ve visited and collect the emotions.
The sightseeings are grouped by continent. The list includes both natural and human-made objects, ancient and modern architecture, easy-to-get and more challenging locations. So you may see how different and exciting our world is! 


Poster dimensions — 40 x 60 cm (15.7 x 23.6 in)

This map is made of high-quality laminated paper

Packed in a tube, tube dimensions — 45 x 7 cm (17.7 х 2.7 in)


Amazing design

Scratch-off poster #100BucketList Wonders is a unique checklist of the 100 most impressive places worth visiting with minimalistic design and silver scratch layer. 

This poster will be an excellent adornment for the house and an inspiring gift for your friends and family.

Erase the scratch-off layer and travel to the next beautiful place! 

Great Package

#100BucketList Wonders is packed in a stylish gift tube that protects the poster from damage and solves the problem of gift wrapping.

Moreover, now you can put the tube to good use: it can be transformed into a piggy bank, which will help you bring your dreams to life.


What's Inside

– Scratch list of wonders of the world;

– Special scratcher to remove scratching;

– Pins to attach posters to the wall;

– Felt shred – to remove residual scratching. 


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