Travel Map® HOLIDAY World

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Travel Map Holiday
Travel Map Holiday
Travel Map Holiday

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Travel Map® Holiday World is a unique world map with a special silver scratch coat that will make your vacation more colorful!
Under the scratch layer, you’ll find not only bright countries, but also a check list of all the things needed for an unforgettable journey!
Have a never-to-be-forgotten vacation with Travel Map® Holiday World

• Map dimensions — 80 x 60 cm / 31.4 х 23.6 inches;
• Tube dimensions — 64 x 7 cm /25.1 х 2.7 inches;
• Material – laminated paper
• Language – English

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Product Description

Amazing design

You haven’t seen this before! The most glamorous tube in Travel Map™ Holiday World can easily outshine any gift wrap. Furthermore, you will find 15 cool ideas for your vacation. The only thing needed is to choose a country & start your journey!

Travel Map™ Holiday World is not only a scratch world map with an opportunity to make a chain of your own journeys with new routes on laminated paper. It is a trendsetting design, deluxe wrap, pictorial puzzle & check-list with exciting tasks for your travelling as well.

Make your vacation a holiday with Travel Map™ Holiday World!

Great Package

Every map  is packed into a stylish designed tube, which protects your Travel Map from damage and solves the problem how to pack your present. 

Tube size: 64 x 7 cm /25.1 х 2.7 inches

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1 review for Travel Map® HOLIDAY World

  1. Bart
    5 out of 5

    excellent quality, bright colors, good for a gift

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