Top Ten Christmas Gifts for Travelers in 2018


With Christmas around the corner and New Year 2018 looming, you suddenly realize it’s about time you headed shopping for gifts. To buy something useful – and show how thoughtful you are – make choices based on the receivers’ hobbies and favourite pass-times. Since many people like to go places, we at have gleaned Christmas present ideas to help you select the best gifts for travel loving friends, colleagues and family members.

10 hip gifts for travelers

1.Something bearing an image of a dog

As you may know the Chinese people link each year to one of 12 animal Zodiac signs. The tradition has spread beyond China, and folks in other countries often buy figurines of the animal in question for luck. 2018 will be ruled by the Dog. So anything with an image of it will be fun. For a globe-trotter, it can be a comfy travel-pillow or a journal. Just include a card with a short message to explain the point.

2. Scratch-off world map

Want to impress as well as intrigue your receiver? Here is a unique Christmas gift idea. Consider ordering a tastefully designed interactive world map packed in a matching tube convertible to a memory box afterwards: browse the fabulous designs of scratch-off world maps that store carries.

They come in a variety of cool colour solutions that will look graceful in any interior. Scratchable maps are one of the hottest selling gifts for people who travel, and with a good reason.


3. Base layers

This is a perfect ‘one size fits all’ present – no, not in terms of actual sizes. A long sleeve or other first layer piece of clothing made from prime material for the ultimate comfort of a wearer becomes a great gift for any person, let alone a trip addict.

To create a capsule travel wardrobe, layered clothes are crucial. Note: Get the intended receiver’s dimensions; most first layers are stretchable, so they need not be tried on, but they should not hang loosely.

4. Gadget organizer

Modern people are doomed to gadget dependency, which is particularly felt when we go somewhere. But packing electronics can be a nuisance. They are so many, suddenly! Have you ever stuffed your different chargers in between your clothes? Then you know what we mean… There’s a solution: gadget organizers are specially designed for travel purposes. If a friend globe-trotter doesn’t have one already, do not miss your chance to make their life easier.

5. Solid cosmetics


Packing liquid bathroom products for a trip is a pain in the neck. Liquids are subject to multiple air travel rules, regulations and restrictions. Fortunately, manufacturers supply various solid alternatives for our regular shampoos, colognes, conditioners… There are even toothpaste substitutes. They all make good gifts for travelers.

6. Eye mask


Jet lag and sleep deprivation are a handicap when we travel, especially extensively. A good sleeping mask is a common method to trick the body into snoozing on the go. With a black-out eye mask on, people can also fall asleep faster when they have to go to bed at an odd time.

Tip: When picking out gifts for travelers, remember that the lighter and smaller an item, the more valuable it can be because of luggage considerations.

  7. Handheld massager

Compact and easy to bring along, a mini massager is a must-have item for all types of wanderers, even the arm-chair type who can get muscle cramps from too much sitting. Joking aside, self-massage can provide a real relief when you feel tired or achy from travel. With a hand massager, you can do it anytime anywhere, and the gadget does not take up much luggage space.

8. Noise cancelling headphones

One of the popular gifts for people who travel, a pair of noise cancelling headphones will be appreciated, too. Actually, you can give to anyone who resides in the urban jungle. Need a thoughtful present for an elderly person? Here’s a good idea. Just make sure the person in question doesn’t own a pair already.

9. Headlamp

Headlamp is a very handy alternative to flashlights and torches, as it keeps one’s hands free for manipulations: say, searching for your ID in the dark of a train compartment. On the other hand, with a headlamp on, you need not grope for a switch in hostel rooms waking your bunk fellows as you do it.

10. A guide book


The last but not the least, one more Christmas gift idea: find out what countries are on your friend travelers’ wish list for the next year and give them a paperback travel guide, packed with information and mouth-watering photos. Let them relish the trip even before they set out on it. In the world of digital information, it can be so delightful to relax in front of a fire place with a regular book on a quiet winter evening.










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