Top 5 places – Where to Travel For Christmas 2018?


Where to Travel For Christmas?

As people begin counting down days to Christmas holiday, it will soon be time to relax. Of course, you can always stay and take in the special atmosphere of Nativity at home decorated with the traditional spruce; prepare a dinner, invite over friends and family… But with the increasing streams of outbound travelers in this season, it is difficult to resist the temptation to join the flow.

For those, who sit down to think about where to go for Christmas, the primary choice will be between two alternatives. You need to decide whether you would rather have a break heading somewhere warm and sunny, or enjoy the winter for real. Are you one of those willing to trade the gloom and chill for beach weather? Then set sail for South. On the other hand, if the pull of Christmas and New Year is too great to escape, you may feel like celebrating winter holidays the traditional way.

In either case, there are many attractive options from which to choose the best place to spend Christmas away from home. Indeed, it has become so popular, that even armchair travelers are often convinced to change their habits around this time of year. Have you seen those crowds at airports? Let us look at places to go for Christmas, where some of those people will be heading, too. 



One can always expect this country to be named when speaking of Christmas vacation ideas. And there is a good reason. Part of Finland is situated above the Arctic Circle. The Polar Circle is the line, beyond which the usual time ceases to exist. Instead, the magical time takes over: it is the kingdom of the nightless night, and the reindeer, as well as elves and trolls. You will surely meet some of them in Santa Claus village running errands, registering children’s letters and helping visitors to post their greetings.

Send cards to your acquaintances, too – it is part of the usual tourist routine, anyway. Seriously, Rovaniemi is a great winter destination to plan a holiday with children. Just remember that it is not too big and always fully booked by this time, so you should arrange accommodation in advance.

The tropical belt

If you’d rather spend Christmas on the beach or close to, there are numerous warm-holiday resorts to choose from. Look to countries in or near the tropics: Thailand, Dubai, Hawaii, Egypt, Spain to name but a few.

  • Dubai is a shopper’s paradise and a party capital of the Middle East. If you choose to vacation here, it will be a very different winter holiday.
  • In Egypt one can mix seaside experiences with cultural. The weather is always warm enough for bathing and sun-tanning, and the country has a lot to offer in terms of sightseeing opportunities: visit the Great Pyramids, the Cairo museum with its awesome statues of pharaohs and other artifacts.
  • If you have dreamt of seeing Spain, spending Christmas holiday there may be an excellent idea. With considerably fewer tourists than during peak season, the rates are much lower. You can travel on a budget and enjoy yourself without the usual hordes of visitors. See the country’s unique landmarks, sample the local cuisine.
  • Israel is a one of the best places to go for Christmas if you wish to break from consumerism and seek a more spiritual retreat. The weather is hard to predict, but it may be warm enough in the South to catch some sun or take a float in the Dead Sea.


To feel the authentic Christmas vibes, there is no place like Europe barring its southernmost countries on the Mediterranean Sea where the climate is a bit too warm for the proper atmosphere to settle. In most European capitals winter holidays are really a high time: with markets, festivals, public skating, amusement parks, a wide choice of seasonal dishes and delicacies, and mulled wine. Vienna, Copenhagen, Berlin, Amsterdam, Warsaw, Edinburgh, Prague and other are gearing up to welcome holiday-makers. Maybe, you will even want to go city-hopping: why not

Australia and New Zealand

Australia is a bit far away, but it is a really cool place for Christmas holiday. If the idea of totally swapping winter for summer appeals to you, go down under. Forget about Santa – meet and greet koalas instead, along with numerous other exotic species. And although the Aussies celebrate Christmas just as we do, remember theirs comes in July! So don’t be surprised if instead of ‘Merry Christmas!’ they wish you ‘Cherry Christmas!’ Cherry is in season; so are peaches, strawberries, raspberries, honeydews, and many more delicious fruit and berries. You can also have a backpacker Christmas in New Zealand taking in its lush green scenery as an alternative to making a snowman in someone’s backyard.

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