The Pros and Cons of Cheap Air Travel

Low-Cost Flights

Low-Cost Flights

Many people dream of traveling the world about but are deterred by high air fares. The arrival of low-cost carriers makes traveling affordable by anyone. Even students and folks on moderate income can turn into avid globe-trotters, get for themselves a cool-styled scratch map holiday world from to hang on the wall and take pride in each new place they scratch off. With cheap air tickets around and available, one can cover a lot of ground – and map area.

Paying a few hundred bucks to fly to Barcelona and back – doesn’t it sound fabulous? What other locations do you have on your travel bucket list? Check the rates for them: you may feel up to an impromptu vacation. With winter holidays looming, you may still stumble upon an opportunity to visit one of the coveted European destinations. And we at store will be happy to supply you with a designer scratchable map of Europe to track your voyages and keep travel memories.

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How cheap flights operate

You may be asking yourself: what’s the catch with discount carriers’ tickets? What is compromised? It is simple: the fare is stripped of all the frills. Budget companies offer a bare-bones service to fly you there and bring back. Did you ever think of how much traditional airlines charge for extras that have nothing to do with fuel, maintenance or staff salaries? A pretty sum of money, actually. For this reason numerous attractive destinations remained outside many households’ budgets for a long time.

Realizing the demand for lower-cost plane tickets could be significant, commercial airlines decided to tap into this market. And consumers took notice. The prospect of going on a dream vacation, without pinching cents first to save for it, can motivate folks to make up plans and study their options.

Yes, cheap flights do come at a cost of passenger convenience, sometimes. But let’s be honest, all air travel sucks. Unless you are a mogul owning a private jet with onboard bedrooms and bathrooms, you are confined to spending hours cooped up in a seat with little space to stretch, let alone sprawl to catch a few winks.

However, it seems certain people criticize low-cost airlines on purpose to scare away competition on both sides of the counter. On one hand, established air companies profit if customers are discouraged from looking for cheap airline tickets. On the other hand, with cabins getting more crowded, some travelers just vent their frustration in negative blog articles or reviews about the horrors of lowcosts. Ask those people if they will fork out more, and you may find out that they are not ready to give up low-cost services. Bottom line: some complaints about cheap flights are unreasonable and far-fetched.

You can explore the world before you have a high-paying job, or save enough money, or cash in your pension, win a lottery, find a buried treasure… You do not have to put off, you can do it now! What more is there to wish for?


Now let’s look at what real inconveniences you may encounter holding a cheap flight ticket in the hand:

  1. Yes, flights get delayed, which can thwart your plans. But that happens on mainstream airlines, too. On the bright side, low-cost companies do not benefit from this in any way. It is in their own interest to organize things as expedient as possible.
  2. You can be bumped off a flight. Then you are entitled to some type of reimbursement and assistance. Be aware of your rights.
  3. Cramped flights. Cabins on low-cost routes do tend to get fuller, with crammed seats and shrinking legroom.
  4. Some passengers may even be asked to check in their hand luggage. For this not to happen, get to the boarding gate early.

How to take advantage of lowcosts and avoid eventual pitfalls

  1. Book flights a few weeks ahead, but keep monitoring the prices. With the 24-hour rule, some carriers will give you a free refund if you decide to cancel early. So if any cheap options pop up, you will be able to save bucks.
  2. Budget airlines have severe luggage restrictions. But if you pack smartly you may be able to avoid inconveniences caused by this.
  3. As we mentioned earlier, prices of cheap air tickets do not include any extras. That goes for in-flight meals and beverages: if you want them, you pay for them. You can also bring some snacks in carry-on. Click our article about hand baggage for tips.
  4. Do not look for round trips only. Sometimes, it is better to go one way with one company and return with another.
  5. Be flexible when planning a vacation. You wanted to go to Barcelona, but the search returns bargain-basement tickets to Madrid. Perhaps, you can make a train trip to Barcelona? And see even more of Spain than you envisaged.
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