Gifts for Someone Who Already Has it All


Gifts for Those Ones Who Have Everything

Few of us never faced the challenge of selecting and buying a present for an important person who has it all. You probably have, or you would hardly be reading these lines. Whether it has to be a birthday or wedding gift, a Christmas present, or merely a souvenir, people who have everything are much easier to disappoint than to please. Their tastes are usually a bit more sophisticated than your average Walmart customer’s. They have been to many places, seen more than most of us have, tried it all or nearly…

…Come to think of it, novelty can be a comparably safe bet. Look to electronics, for instance. There is so much going on there that it is hard to keep up with the developments even for those who have the means to do so. If you are geeky enough and know what’s cooking on the tech front, you may try this road. It can be a smart new gadget or a useful piece of software. Check out some of the augmented reality merchandise.

However, choosing gifts for people who have everything based on the intended receiver’s hobbies and preferences can be tricky. For how can you hope to surprise a person who has the possibility to indulge in every whim, almost instantly if he or she so wishes? Besides, their hobbies may be too expensive for your own wallet. Men who have it all often love various costly pursuits. Yet, each of us comes to know such people through work, business or common acquaintances. And there are occasions when we must pick out the gift: like the upcoming Christmas. The people may be part of the family, but that fact seldom makes the task easier.

Do not despair! We just happen to have a few ideas. Think of what your receiver would like to do rather than own: think of experiences you can give instead of objects. Perhaps, they will be glad to get concert or theater tickets, or a guided tour. It can be a travel voucher or, if you can splurge, a whole vacation package. If you know your intended receiver to be audacious enough, you may consider something more adventurous ranging from a hot air balloon flight to a parachute jump. You can also help the person to learn something new, especially if you know it is on his or her wish list of things to do and see.

Motivational gifts for people who have everything from

Speaking about wish-lists, we can be hard up to afford the actual experience, but we can always supply motivation. And that’s what 100 bucket lists are made for. Give them as presents to inspire others – especially those ones who have it all: you may even help to widen someone’s horizons! Our online shop carries high quality scratchable poster and maps that will impress even the pickiest type of customer.


 Travel Map Holiday


Star Map of the Sky


100 Things to Do Movie Edition

Smart design, hip color solutions, excellent materials and durability set our stock apart from similar goods on the market. Each item looks great, and we sell them at democratic prices: premium quality for the money you can part with. Check the end of this article to find out what is also included in the package. You will be surprised with the thorough approach we take to make those who order from us happy.

Scratch-off world maps are best-sellers among presents for traveling people. Short of gift ideas for men who have everything? Cannot come up with gift ideas for women who have everything? Ask yourself if the person in question travels the world. Who doesn’t like to go places? Affluent and influential people most certainly do. Give them something to enhance their experiences and keep the memories for long. A scratchable map to track travels should be seen as a very thoughtful present.

  • With Christmas and New Year looming, be sure to look at our most recent addition: My Scratch Calendar 2018 in English. Made from flexible plastic, it is in optimal size to be placed on the refrigerator door. How about scratching dates, for a change?

Remember: the best presents for anyone come with pleasant memories and plenty of fun attached. All orders placed at arrive in elegant tubes crafted in the same style as the scratch-off map or poster inside. Once the gift is taken out, the receiver can convert the tube’s lower part to a complementary memory box. We also send along some nice bonuses: erasable markers and felted cloths to wipe them; luggage tags; coins to scratch with; invisible tacks to stick up posters; quizzes, puzzles and complete instructions.

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