Best Summer Bucket List Ideas for You

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When summer shows up at the doorstep, there seem to be two essential questions humanity hussles to answer. 1. How to get rid of extra weight that surprisingly emerged during wintertime? 2.What to do during summer? Weight issues are mainly solved in the gym. And your future activities is what we’re going to talk about here. If you lack good ideas about what you should do during 3 months of the best season ever, writing a new outline is the first thing to do.

What Is Summer Bucket List?

Summer is not just about eating ice cream, hanging out with your family and friends, or going to barbeques. It can be so much more super-bright and eventful if you do a little bit of arrangements in advance, and here’s where you desperately need your new bucket list. It’s easy to complete and it will help you to arrange your plans. Simply put, it is a list of things to do in the summer that you can either put on your wall, phone, tablet or laptop to have a two-click access to any time. It’s your personal guide to wonderful time and making your dreams come true.


Top Bucket List Ideas for Summer 2018

Write down things you loved about this period of the year when you were kids. Eating ice cream, drinking fresh lemonade, swimming in water, just putting on sandals and shorts, hiking, reading etc. Brainstorm ideas, add things you never did before, start your summer checklist. You see now that the variety of things to do over the summer is huge. Think of your traveling summer goals in advance, and make a checklist.

Summer to do list:

  1. Build sand castles.
  2. Visit a friend in a different city. Thinking of some crazy activities with your loved ones is wonderful.
  3. Play baseball or other new team sports like volleyball on the beach.
  4. Jump with a parachute. Add anything connected with jumping to your fun summer bucket list ideas.
  5. Go hiking.
  6. Flying a kite is what you need.
  7. Run in the mornings.
  8. Going to the forest or park. Get some fresh air, walk among the trees and watch the birds.
  9. Make cool lemonade or fresh juice instead of buying one.
  10. cans of cold water
  11. Why not starting to learn a new language? Czech or Chinese. Maybe French?
  12. Join the handmade club. Try to make things with your own hands!
  13. Blow bubbles. Yes, bubbles.
  14. Jump in the biggest puddle in the street.
  15. Go to see a movie in the drive-in theatres. Seems a bit old school, but it’s so romantic!
  16. Marshmallows in the fire is a must-have.
  17. See a waterfall.
  18. Camping away from the city.
  19. Have you ever tried hitchhiking? Get to the closest city or across the country, it’s up to you.
  20. Make a spontaneous trip. Just wake up early in the day and head anywhere.
  21. Walk barefoot: on a sidewalk or on the grass.
  22. Wear a dress or a really bright colorful shirt.
  23. Play in the street or learn how to play one.
  24. Learn to make something new. It’s amazing.
  25. Swim at night. Naked.
  26. Drink your best root beer ice cold. You don’t do it in winter, do you?
  27. Go to see a game and root for your team: ‘Go, Sunnies, Go!’
  28. Walk in the rain. No umbrellas allowed. Just in your shirt and jeans. You can dance.
  29. Take a picture of the reflection in a puddle.
  30. Arrange a garage sale!
  31. Go canoeing or kayaking. Grab a paddle
  32. Become a tourist in your own city for one day.
  33. Write an article about this experience and send to the local newspaper.
  34. Grab a camera and shoot a DIY movie.
  35. Draw a picture, with oil, pencils, watercolor, or acryl.
  36. Ride a bike! It’s one of the best stuff to do in the summer.
  37. Go to the festival and play around.
  38. holly festival
  39. Stargazing is what you should do at least one night per month!
  40. Host a lunch with your friends.
  41. Make tie-dye shirts.
  42. Host people on couchsurfing, you can meet many nice people without leaving your town.
  43. Try yourself on a paddle board. You’ll train your balance.
  44. The zoo is calling your name!
  45. Water balloon fight is your must-have.
  46. Find an old film camera in the garage and take pictures to print them out in the fall.
  47. Go to the farmers to buy fresh vegetables or milk products.
  48. Volunteer. A week of volunteering will make the world a better place and you’ll have an unforgettable experience.
  49. Play hide and seek with your friends, kids or family.
  50. Eat watermelons, it’s their time!
  51. Watch the sunsets somewhere on the beach or mountain.
  52. Don’t forget that it is you best season ever!

You did amazing job! Your perfect summer list is right here for you to enjoy!

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