dream&do mindful gifts

Tools for dreamers

These 3 powerful tools teach you to dream sincerely and effectively. Start form self-coaching Notebook to see where you are at the moment. Go to the Dream Board right away if you already know your Big Dream but need some clues on how to fulfill it. Make listing your dreams and wants in the Dream Book your routine to hear yourself better and see how your dreams evolve.

Dream Board

Dream&Do Dream Board

Visualization & mood board kit with 18 mindful practices


Dream&Do Notebook

Self-coaching workbook with 35 questions to ask yourself

Dream Book

Dream&Do Dream Book

Diary of your dream lists & dreaming techniques

Dreamful home accessories

Make your space an inspiring place to be and dream with some special items. Find time for dreaming with Dream Candle. Remind yourself of what’s empowering you with a Flag. Spend more time with people you love and talk more using the Talks conversation game.

Dream Сandle

Dream Candle

Candle & dreamer’s guide to create cozy atmosphere anywhere

Dream&Do Flag

Dream&Do Flag

Minimalistic tapestry with inspiring quotes

Dream&Do Talks

Dream&Do Talks

Conversation games with 115 cards to talk mindfully

Dream&Do on-the-go

Dreaming cannot end once you’re out of the door. Take small things with you to remind yourself about the dreams and goals you’ve set. Keep yourself focused on what really matters with Dream&Do Tattoos. Get all daily tasks organized in a To Do List. Share best wishes with 2-in-1 greeting card and stickers in Dream&Do Messages.

Dream&Do Tattoo

Dream&Do temporary tattoos

Set of temporary tattoos with 20 inspiring monochrome phrases

To Do List

Dream&Do To DO List

Notepad for any daily checklists of your to-dos and top 5 things to be done

Dream&Do Message

Dream&Do Message

Share special words with the person you like with a Dream&Do Message