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Dream&Do Candle is a candle designed for making wishes and completing dreams lists. It will help you finally find the time for the most important thing in the Universe – your dreams. This candle creates a pleasantly vibrant atmosphere. And the rules of setting goals will make this process very easy. We’ve put the word DREAM on it to keep you focused. We’ve also put Dreamer’s guide inside to give you tips on dreaming in case you feel blocked on the way.

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Dream Candle


  • candle size: 9×7.5 cm (3.54×2.95 inch)
  • ingredients: vegetable wax 50%, paraffin 50%
  • candle material: ceramic
Dream&Do wish candle Dream

What's inside

Dreamer's guide
  • Dreamer’s guide with tips on dreaming and focusing
  • candle ‘DREAM’
  • packed in a carton tube


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