Visualization board kit Dream&Do Dream Board


Dream&Do Dream Board is a 2-sided poster for dreams and goals visualization in a minimalistic design. The front side of the board contains tools and mental techniques: life wheel, habit tracker, inspiration and goals list, events timeline. The back side is a planner that can be organized as a weekly schedule or yearly plan with special stickers.


Visualization board kit Dream&Do Dream Board


6 goal-setting techniques

  • The Wheel of Life technique helps you to evaluate each ares of life on a scale from 1 to 10. With this done you will see where you should pay more attention to make your wheel (and life itself) more balanced.
  • Write down (or draw) your biggest dream in My Dream sector. Then split all smaller goals and steps that will help you to fulfill your key dream into areas of life according to the Wheel.
  • Introduce new routine to your life using New Habit tracker. What daily action will push you forward to your dream?
  • Note down your personal Inspiration: a quote or affirmation that reminds you of your goals and gives you power.
  • Choose top 5 things you want to get done this month with Goals for Month section. Make sure that each goal correlates with your Big Dream.
  • Plan key dates with Events timeline. Mark birthdays, anniversaries, vacations, but also courses, health check ups and all the things you want to happen next year.
Visualization board kit Dream&Do Dream Board

2 sides

Minimalistic design

We’ve made our board in a minimalistic black and white design to keep the focus on the most important thing — your DREAM. This basic style will surely fit into your interior. Use the A side of the board to mark down your dreams and goals. Turn the B side into a weekly\monthly planner or your personal mood board. The board is only the guidance, set your own rules of dreaming!

Visualization board kit Dream&Do Dream Board

What's Inside

– Detailed guide with 18 techniques on dreaming and setting goals and useful tips;

– 140+ inspiring stickers to decor the board or to keep your dreams your dreams with you on-the-go;

– Pins – to attach the board to the wall;

– Pencil – to write down your dreams fearlessly;

Visualization board kit Dream&Do Dream Board

Great Package

Visualization board kit Dream&Do Dream Board

The Dream Board is packaged in a designer tube that protects it while carrying and also makes a great gift packing.

Attach your Dream Board to the wall, using the drawing pins to keep an eye on your goals.

Poster dimensions: 60 x 40 cm / 23.6 x 15.7 inches;

Tube dimensions: 45 x 7 cm / 17.7 х 2.7 inches;

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