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Display your travels in your home with the Scratch off World Map. would like to introduce to you, the Scratch off World Map. This Map is a fun way to display your world travels.

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This large, map will bring modernity to any home, quickly become a centerpiece, and become a great conversation piece.

Map dimensions — 80 x 60 cm

The map is made of durable, flexible and tear-resistant plastic, which makes it possible to preserve it for a long time, and you can draw and erase with a marker. has the best goods in their class and has the reviews to match.

This map works much like a scratch-off lottery ticket. Included with your purchase is a handy scratcher to remove the surface of the map to reveal the country below. Also included in the tube, is a felt tool to remove the residue, a luggage tag to start you on your travels, pins to attach it to your wall when you return, and, of course, instructions on how to use your beautiful new map.

Since the beginning, humans have traveled from place to place. Their travel is evident in the cave drawings that are found around the world. Early cartographers created maps that were beautiful but had to be produced by hand which made them expensive and very sparse. As the printing press came along, so did mass production of texts, maps, and books. Now, in the 21st century, we enjoy many new technologies that make it possible for everyone to own books and maps.

The Scratch off World Map creates a unique opportunity for family time. Allowing your children to be involved by scratching off the places that they have visited will help them increase their geographical knowledge and get them excited about traveling. The ability to draw on the map will make it fun to plan out your current or future adventures by drawing the route right on your map. They will want to go places so they have the chance to reveal the new area of their lovely map.

The map comes in a tube that can be used to gift The Scratch off World Map as well if you choose to part with this lovely map. Or you may just have to buy two. Each time you go on a new and exciting adventure, you can collect all the places you’ve traveled in on personalized scratchable map. No matter where you visit, whether it is the United States of America or England you can commemorate your travels by scratching it off of the map to reveal the vibrate color underneath. The map allows you to see where you haven’t been. With the white marker that included inside the tube, you can begin to outline your next adventure to places like Canada, India, France, or China.

The Scratch off World map is made of a durable plastic that will last as long as you wish to travel. This map will last as long, if not longer, than your memories.

Purchasing a map from is not just a purchase, it an opportunity creates memories for years to come, be with family, and go on an adventure.