Travel Map® USA Black

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Travel Map® of the USA Black is a stylish scratch-off map and a gripping guide to all the 50 states of America.
It is a beautiful and inspiring adornment for the home and also a memorable designer gift which either a fashionable, beautiful female or a manly traveler will like. Plan your trip, pave the way, make notes with a marker, and scratch off the scratch-off layer from every state that you have been to.
Do not stop traveling until the entire map sparkles with bright colors because each state has prepared a collection of interesting and colorful attractions for you.

• Map dimensions — 60 x 40 cm / 23.6 x 15.7 inches;
• Tube dimensions — 45 x 7 cm / 17.7 х 2.7 inches;
• The map is made of durable, flexible and tear-resistant plastic.

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