Planning a Trip: Your 6-Step Guide


Take 30 Minutes to Get Started With Your Travel Plan… You’ll Be Happy You Did!

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Not long ago, the best piece of advice you could get on how to plan a trip would have sounded something like: buy a package. Or, still better, a personalized vacation package, depending on the money you were prepared to shell out. With all the modern online resources, however, you can be your own travel agent creating individual packages, tailor-made to suit our particular needs and desires. Vacation? Weekend? Go for a trip! You may even save bucks along the way to be spent on something good either during the trip or afterwards. Ready to travel? Let us get started.

How to plan a trip in 30 minutes: essential steps

Planning a trip comes easy to seasoned adventurers. But if traveling is not your lifestyle yet, you may want some tips on it. Decide what kind of recreation you wish. And it will help to answer the question of how to prepare for a trip:

  1. Sit down and think what garments and other stuff you will have to pack.

    Will you need additional layers of clothing? Equipment? Insect repellents? Make up a provisional travel packing checklist. Put it aside for now.

    As you progress with the organizations, you will return to add items, perhaps, strike something out.

  2. Map out your expenses on per day basis. Do not forget to throw in some extra cash for unforeseen expenditures.

    If you save the emergency fund, it will be nice to add it to the next adventure’s budget. You will certainly manage to if you prepare meticulously and are reasonably frugal.

  3. Make sticky notes to book airline tickets and accommodations.

    Set reminders for when you should go online. Look further for tips on how you can get better flight deals and on where you may want to stay.

  4. If you have decided to travel out of the country, create reminders to prepare the following things

    : your second passport, the visa, some medical coverage for the trip and, if necessary, to get vaccinations.
    Make a note to consult relevant country information for tourists.

  5. Use a travel guide, or go online, to quickly list things you would like to see and do on arrival.

    Do not forget afterwards to read up on what various travel bloggers have to say, and beef up the vacation program.

  6. If you will need special recreational equipment, list it up, too.

    Think of what you can bring along, what can be rented, and calculate how much it will cost including extra luggage fees.


So much for it! Once you have outlined your vacation or journey and, more or less, allocated the budget, it gets pretty easy. Now we can expand and streamline the plan. Pick up the travel packing checklist again and scrutinize it. Get rid of all the unnecessary travel items. Here are a few suggestions: never bring tons of cosmetics; liquid products are subject to various luggage rules and restrictions, anyway. Do not pack denim clothes. They are bulky, and heavy, and take up a lot of space. Wear them on yourself, if you cannot imagine vacationing without the favorite jeans. Traveling light is the key to great experiences. And never bring new shoes without breaking them in first, or they will ruin all the fun.

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One of the biggest expenses will be the airline tickets. Of course, it is always better to buy them at least several months out. But sometimes you can get good deals when companies begin to drop fares, in an attempt to fill the flights. Most carriers do it around two months before the departure date. Eight to seven weeks in advance, you may want to monitor the websites closer than ever to snap up cheaper tickets. For long-haul and international flights, start scanning three months ahead.

Apart from flights, accommodation is the other expense you cannot avoid unless you are a couch-surfer but that road is not for everyone, surely. Decide what you would like to book this time: a hotel room or a hostel bunk. If hotels are too expensive, you may try boutique hotels or rented apartments. Always read what other travelers have to say about accommodation in the place of your destination. Check fresh reviews and specialized web-sites.

Dream and do


Planning a trip like that can be daunting, especially for those who travel only once in a while. To make it easier for you, has a wonderful tool we call Dream and Do Map: a neat, stylish poster motivating people to set goals and achieve them rather than postpone endlessly. The Dream and Do Map is supplied with stickers divided into eight categories: health, love, home, work, growth, people, personality, and holidays. Use them to visualize your dreams, and it will be easier to find a smooth way to them.

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