Planning Honeymoon Could Be a Deal


Honeymoon Could Be a Deal

The word ‘honeymoon’ sounds special. It is the first vacation of two people as husband and wife. The trip will be remembered for years. Photos from it will be printed out, some of them framed, others put in family albums.

For some couples the word ‘honeymoon’ brings to mind a secluded beach with a solitary hut where they can spend time all by themselves, in the lap of Mother Nature. Others fancy a cozy mountain chalet with huge windows and magnificent views to keep them company. Europe, with its medieval castles and Renaissance palaces, varying landscapes and quality service, is a good place to crisscross on a romantic honey moon tour. Quite a few couples still prefer to spend it in one of the traditional European destinations for newlyweds. It may be the French Riviera, flamboyant Venice, or the pensive Eternal city. No matter where you go, it should be a special place and time.

Many modern couples choose to honeymoon some place where they will have guaranteed summer weather. They would like to watch beautiful tropical sunsets together, holding hands. They want to go for strolls barefoot along the moonlit shore, spend an occasional night right under the stars and crawl back to the hotel at sunrise for forty winks and more couple romantique.  At a seaside resort you can always listen to the sound of waves, eat meals on the beach… And you will return home with plenty of beautiful photos to keep the memories.


Tips for couples planning a romantic honey moon:

Most people, who are getting married, start mapping out their honeymoons well in advance. Those, who use travel agents, are told that one should book rooms and plane tickets at least six months out. Planning early can ensure that you get good rates and rooms. And it can definitely save you a lot of stress. There is so much yet to come up in those few months before the big day. The sooner your ideas for honeymoon turn into confirmed arrangements, the better.  It may be hard to get good deals when everything is to be decided in a pinch of time. Usually, you will have to fork out more money for less value, and end up jeopardizing all the couple romantique.

To take the load off their mind, many couples use a travel agent. Then all you have to do is discuss honeymoon ideas with the person and give her the budget to operate within. Travel agents have access to all the travel prospects, promotions and packages. They can tailor the vacation to specifically suit your needs. Besides, the agent will always be at the other end of the line throughout your honeymoon to sort things out if necessary and spare you the fuss. You will be able to phone him if something does not go as planned. The flight can be delayed, so the agent will get in touch with the transfer company to make sure they pick you up after the landing.

Tip: Just do not do big online tour companies. They have heaps of clients and need not make an effort for you personally. They will only be happy to send you on the way, no one there to bother themselves with the particulars of your once-in-a-lifetime vacation. Choose a smaller agency where they appreciate every client. Pick out one that specializes in trips for newlyweds. Or use a personal honeymoon planner.

Set up a realistic budget for the honeymoon, separate from the wedding day budget. If you are going to travel out of country, then you will need some sort of medical coverage to add to the obligatory expenses. Set aside a chunk of money you know you can spend on the vacation. Then think of what things on your bucket list for couples you would like to work into that budget: excursions, spa days, dinners, room service…

For those couples who are not ready to arrange a major honeymoon trip right after the wedding celebration, a mini-moon may do. One can postpone the grand vacation until the right time to truly enjoy it.


Add an element of interactivity

Your nuptial ceremony may be still in the offing, or you may have several anniversaries behind you looking to a second honeymoon, an added element of surprise and motivation is always good.

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