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Memories of the Thanksgiving are still fresh, when January takes over paving way for all the end-of-year excitement. In the festive frenzy you are lucky if you can slot in a holiday somewhere. Do your best: it is a marvelous season for vacation and travel.

When we think of where to go for Christmas, it boils down to two alternatives. The outbound holiday-makers can be divided into two groups: those who head for the South, and those who want to celebrate winter in all its glory. No matter which is your preference, here are some of the best places to visit in January.


Overcast days get you down? Chill out in the sun-soaked Bahamas. The locals celebrate winter with Junkanoo street festival mixing dance, music and costumed shows.

The Big Island in Hawaii is an ideal spot for surfers now. It’s warm and dry. The rates are lower than on the rest of archipelago. Wander around, watch whales. See the Kilauea volcano.


Germany is a welcoming place bustling with popular Christmas activities that include public skating, market shopping. Keep yourself warm with the famous Apfelwein. The rates are more than affordable: Prague, Vienna, and Copenhagen are vying for attention.

Time and again, people put Prague on the lists of places where they spend their best January vacations. The beautiful medieval city acquires a special charm in winter. Go café hopping, taste mulled wine and street food.

Copenhagen is buzzing with festive vibes, aglow with the lights of traditional markets and the Tivoli Gardens.

Cross the English Channel and visit Edinburg, where a similar spirit reigns. Scottish Christmas is a flurry of dances, performances, and fireworks.

Polar tours

Skipping the usual blab about Santa, Rovaniemi is No.1 destination when it comes to Christmas vacation ideas. Prices here do not dip. And it is always fully booked in January, so plan ahead. Reserve one of the glass igloos to spend a magical night with aurora borealis dancing right above you.

The USA has its own version of Rovaniemi. Northern lights is one of the reasons to pick out Juneau. The Alaskan capital is a full-fledged winter resort, with majestic scenery as a bonus.

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