Top 7 Safe Travel-USA Places for Ladies

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The Safest Cities for Women to Travel Alone in the U.S.

After our little harangue on the marvels of solo travel, we feel obliged to add a few words of caution. When traveling alone, you always run some risk. Thieves, pickpockets and various con artists see lone strangers as easy marks. For single women traveling, the risks may be even more. A sensible person will try to gather info first through blogs and other relevant sources. Join us on a virtual coast-to-coast trip to learn of safe travel-USA places.

Beaufort, South Carolina

Ideal breezy summers, two beaches named among the best on the East Coast, the cuisine, an air of Southern culture with urban refinement… Sounds like quality travel. The untouched antebellum setting of the little town of Beaufort makes it a historic landmark.


With its forward-looking culture, cool boutiques, foodie spots, excellent drinks and coffee, Seattle knows how to live gusto. At the same time, it’s one of the safest spots populated by happy and friendly folks.

New York City

Although enormous, NY is very safe as of today barring a couple of inner-city neighborhoods, and awash with visitors. But a few decades ago the melting pot was riddled with crime. The city government had to clean up the act with sweeping measures.

alone traveling New York City


If open roads are calling out to you, then the US is a safest country for travel. Embrace the great American outdoors cruising along some of our iconic highways and landscapes.

Roads alone traveling

University towns

American college towns are perfect for women traveling alone, and easy on the wallet. You may start with pockets of history in Massachusetts. Go on to Boulder in the heart of scenic rocky landscape. Do not miss Berkeley.


San Francisco

San Francisco is a city of attractions, rated as one of safest and most visited in the US. To buy some shivers, get yourself a night tour to the former Alcatraz prison.

san francisko alone traveling

Honolulu, Hawaii

Popular with couples and families: why should it not be good for single women traveling?  Honolulu’s vacation menu includes visual pleasures of Manoa falls or the Diamond Head, numerous local belly treats and the traditional beach basking.

A woman sitting on a remote wooden dock overlooking a lake.

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