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TRAVEL MAP® GEOGRAPHY WORLD is the most detailed scratch and pin map of the world.
The map contains many islands, small countries, cities and places of interest.
Also you will get a scratch list with the world’s most popular tourist destinations.
Unique design with golden scratch layer.

Just take the scratcher and scratch off the layer from the countries you have already visited and your own travel history will come alive in bright colors. This map will be an  excellent adornment for the home and also an inspired present for your friends and family.

Discover the whole world with travel map geography world!

• Map dimensions — 88 x 60 cm / 34.6 х 23.6 inches;
• The map is made of high quality laminated paper (250 g/m ²)


Amazing design

The advantage of this map is that, at a first glance, it easy to get confused by a large amount of shown cities, bodies of water, depths, deserts and other objects. In reality, however, the map is simple and easy to read. Using special pins you can map your route clearly and comprehensibly, and high level of map detail is still brief and clear due to excellent design.

Great Package

The map is packed into a beautiful designer tube that shows TOP-10 of world’s most popular tourist attractions, a list of the smallest countries in terms of territory and a manual of how to use the world map geography. The tube can be used for transporting both the map and other things that can be easily rolled.

Map dimensions geography of world map — 88 x 60 cm / 34.6 х 23.6 inches;
Tube dimensions geography world map — 64 х 7 cm /25.1 х 2.7 inches;

What's Inside

– instruction;

– special scatcher;

– 4 pins – to attach scratch map to the wall;

– felt shred – to remove residual scratching;

– postcard;

– push-pins.

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7 reviews for Travel Map® Geography World

  1. Mary

    we have such map at the office) we work with partners in different countries and notice them all on the map)

  2. Shelly

    My children study geography with this map ) It’s big, bright, interesting and easy to read for them. Especially they like scratching ))

  3. Nelly

    I like this shop ) the products are amazing! I have one map at home and ordered another one) I will hang it on my hall wall or office )

  4. Emily

    I have such map, It shows the story of all my travels :):):)

  5. Lauren

    best travel maps I’ve ever seen. Good quality, colorful, detailed

  6. Gerard van den Akker (verified owner)

    There are quite a lot of travel maps around, but this one stands out in the crowd because of the size, the high quality, the excellent projection used (at least not that aweful Mercator projection most travel maps seem to use!), the detail of the map itself, Europe and the Caribbean highlighted, along with small countries like Liechtenstein … the quality is high, and the focus is on the map. This is a map that you can proudly display, showing off your travels. That’s at least what I’m doing now.
    The only problem I found was that Liechtenstein was spelled as Leichtenstein.

  7. Ashton

    I was looking for shop, where I can buy large world map, and then found this one. Shipping was fast and the map is very good. Reccommend!

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